Beginner Butterfly

As soon as you can tat a ring with picots, it's traditional to make a butterfly. It consists of 4 rings, that's all. You can give them to strangers you meet while tatting on-the-go, or stick them on cards and letters.

Here we show different styles of writing patterns.

Fully descriptive style:
Ring A:  12 double stitches, small picot, 1 double stitch, bigger picot, one double stitch, small picot,
12 double stitches, close ring.
Ring B:  7 double stitches, picot, 7 double stitches, close ring.
Ring C:  As ring B.
Ring D:  As ring A.
Cut thread and tie to thread at beginning. Trim to form butterfly antennae.

Using standard abbreviations:
Ring A:  12ds, sm p, 1 ds, long p, 1 ds, sm p, 12ds, cl r.
Ring B:  7ds, long p, 7ds, cl r.
Ring C:  As Ring B.
Ring D: As Ring A.

ds - double stitch,  p - picot,  sm p - small picot
cl r - close ring (this instruction is usually just assumed and not written).

Numerical format:
The number of ds is indicated by the figure alone, and picots are indicated by hyphens. Two hyphens, --, mean a long picot.
Ring A:  12-1--1-12
Ring B:  7-7
Ring C:  7-7
Ring D: 12-1--1-12.

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