Maple Leaf Tatters - Memorial Prize 2013

In memory of Margeret Colleen Currie-Kirlis and Lori Lea Ludman of the Maple Leaf Tatters

by Sandy Coleman, Canada

The Maple Leaf Tatters was closed down a couple of years ago but we had a small amount of money still in the bank and are donating this to the Ring of Tatters in memory of Margeret and Lori. Lori was a master at using split rings and Margeret also mastered these and they both loved lace in colours other than white.

Lori passed away in August 2009 and Margeret in January 2012.

Margeret was a very gifted lacemaker and excelled at any form that she put her hand to until arthritis forced her to put away her shuttles, bobbins and needles. She was a member in good standing of many guilds and loved participating in discussions right up until her passing.

Margeret was responsible for the creation of the Maple Leaf Tatters (MLT) and bringing together a great many lovers of the art of tatting. I truly believe that without Margeret and her diligence in finding and contacting many tatters around the world that we would have fewer lovers of the craft in Ontario today. I know that without Margeret's founding of the MLt that we would never have found Lori.

When Margeret stepped down from being editor of the MLT newsletter, a call was put out to the membership for someone to fill her shoes and Lori immediately contacted us and took on the great responsibility.

Lori lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba and due to that distance from me in Ontario was responsible for me finally getting on the internet in order to be able to produce the newsletter. Lori had a great talent for creating magnificent patterns and loved tatting. Her workmanship was superb and one of my greatest treasures is a runner that she tatted specifically for me in her last year.

You can actually see the beginning of it on her tatting blog - - it's the green one, the first pattern that shows.

Both of these ladies were incredibly talents and are greatly missed. For those who wish to learn more about Lori, she had two websites - one for her tatting (detailed above) and this blog she created upon receiving her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer - She kept her sense of humour right up 'til the end.

Margeret's death was very sudden and instantaneous and we are assured that she did not suffer. I take some solace in that.

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