Ring of Tatters Competition 2016


The competition is only open to Ring of Tatters members.



Theme:  Celtic Tatting

Entry Deadline:  15th May 2016.

Celtic tatting takes the form of interwoven tatting to create a style reminiscent of the Celtic designs. In tatting, this either involves two separate pieces that are interwoven and joined by a third row which connects the interwoven parts, or long chains which, with the aid of a paperclip or Celtic tatting shuttles can be interwoven to form a Celtic style. Either method is permitted for this competition.


Only one entry per person please.

Two prizes are awarded, one open to every entrant and the other open only to entrants who have never won before.

See the Spring 2016 or Autumn 2015 Newsletter for details of where to send entries, and for full terms and conditions.

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