Brenda Rewhorn's Work

The Self-Closing Mock Ring

Here is a collection of samples worked from the book on the subject written by The Shuttle Brothers, Gary and Randy Houtz. In October 2004 Brenda had the pleasure of showing her work to Gary in person when he visited us here in the UK. Gary said that to his knowledge Brenda was only the third person to have tatted the first large sample. Not surprising if you take a close look at the final round - it is worked in Pearl tatting with rings coming off the outer edge and SCMRs and rings on the other! If anyone else has done this piece do send us a picture.

If you would like to have a go at the SCMR, we have a simple pattern for a snowflake with instructions on the technique, see 2 SCMR Snowflakes, or visit The Shuttle Brothers Website.


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