Jennifer Williams' Work




Jennifer showed these 3D daffodils at an exhibition at Twigworth Hall near Gloucester. "Flora and Fauna in Lace" was staged by members of The Lacemakers' Circle.
They are so realistic that you can almost identify the varieties - and yes, they really are tatted!

Buddleia and Butterflies

This lovely picture was also part of the exhibition at Twigworth Hall.

Tatting Bag

Jennifer will soon be putting up the pattern for this bag in Files on the yahoo group RingofChatters, open to members of the Ring of Tatters. This is a group where you can exchange e-mails with other members on all aspects of tatting.

Water Lilies

As with the bag pattern, this will soon be available on RingofChatters. If you would like to join, you can find out more at the group's web page
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