The Lace Guild Exhibition 2004

The Lace Guild holds a major competition every 3 years. There are two main sections, one for traditional lace and the other for creative designs that stretch the boundaries of modern lace-making. All kinds of lace can be entered. The theme for 2004 was Myth or Mystery.

The first picture shows the winner of the Ring of Tatters Rose Bowl: "There are Fairies at the Bottom of my Garden" by Jane Eborall. Congratulations, Jane! Little would our grandmothers have dreamt that you could make a 3D fairy in tatting! All the pictures below show the amazing creativity and tatting skills of our members, I think you will agree.

Please click on the small pictures below for larger versions.

Jane Eborall Jane Eborall Edwige Renaudin Barbara Netherwood
Jacqui Southworth Jacqui Southworth Jaquie Teal Jaquie Teal
Linda Dickie Joan Hayward Rosemarie Peel Joan Hayward
Rosemarie Peel Brenda Rewhorn Brenda Rewhorn Europa Chang


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