Ruth Baker's Work

Ruth tatted some of these pieces for the Lace Guild Assessment, some for the W.I. Craft Assessment, and some for competitions.
This white hanging with tatted roses was an entry depicting Country Customs. Ruth told me that it is a Maiden Garland which was carried at the funeral of a young girl, and afterwards put in the church. A pair of gloves hangs in the centre.

Ruth designed these flowers as a workshop for the Cuckfield Group. She shows how simple round motifs can be shaped to form 3D flowers by reducing or increasing the number of rings or chains, and by changing the position of the joins. They are finished off with stiffener, florist's wire and green tape. More detailed instructions can be found in Newsletter 47, Autumn 2003.

Another of Ruth's workshops, on Celtic Tatting, is shown at Southern Tatters Tatting Day.

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