Sally Magill's Work

This is a free-form fun project that you can make up as you go along, and everyone's version will be unique. Do a pick-and-mix of motifs choosing any patterns that look floral. Make some modifications such as an added picot ring to form the centre. Sally created many of the flower and leaf patterns herself. This project was used for a workshop with West Midland Tatters.
This was inspired by the vibrant colours of a traditional herbaceous border in late summer. The little mauve flowers with cut picots are, of course, Michaelmas aisies!
From lots of colour to one colour! Sally found that the all-white scheme was easier in some ways but that there were different challenges. In compensation for the lack of variety in colour, other sorts of contrast were needed. And it was necessary to make sure that all those rings and chains 'read' as flowers or a basket or handle. Could be explored further...
Spring time was the inspiration for this basket. So the flowers are in pastel colours with bright young leaves. The light blue background is meant to suggest blue skies.
This photo mount (5" x 7") with several 'holes' for family snaps immediately suggested a good way of displaying tatting! The motifs were worked in DMC no.80. The patterns were mainly from Ring of Tatters newsletters.
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