Pattern © Janet Emmerson

Swan Brooch

Janet designed this little swan as a badge for her Worcester opera group. Anyone who has been down to the River Severn in Worcester (England) will know how many swans are to be seen there. Janet reckons she has made about 30 badges for members of Opera Severn as well as for Friends of the local Swan Theatre.

She based the brooch on their printed logo which combined the letter S and a swan. It is always interesting to see where tatters get their ideas from!

Use No 10, 20 or 40 depending on the size of swan you want.

Ring: 3ds, tiny picot, 1ds, long picot, 4ds. RW.
(The tiny picot is for the bump that a swan has above its beak, and the long picot is for the beak itself.)

Chain: 35 ds. Work the first 12ds with a firm tension to form the curve of the neck. Work the following 23ds with appropriate tension so that the chain can be manipulated to form the base of the neck and the body. Cut and tie ends. Use spray starch to hold the shape.

Make three small picot rings: one with 5 picots and two with 3 picots, 1ds between picots.

Finally, stick the chain on to a card. Stick on the three picot rings, arranging them to make a good body shape.

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