Dragonfly Pattern © Shirley Hill

  Size: 8x8cm.
Materials: Anchor-Pearl cotton 8 Multicolour.
8 beads for the body and 2 for eyes.

Use your own method for adding beads. I just used an extra thread and wove it in and out with the beads as needed (very simple!).

Large Dragonfly

You will need two shuttles and thread for beads. R1-10ds add bead close.
R 2 3 4 5 6 7 are all split rings 8/8ds. Cut off bead thread and second shuttle leaving 4cm. These will be used for the antennae.

R5ds weaving a cut thread as you work and leave at this point smp 3ds close.
R3ds weaving the second cut thread as you work.
Join at picot and leave cut thread. 5ds close. Trim antennae.

Tat a length of purl st twice as long as the body 2/2ds.
Join to make two large wings. Do not cut off.
Tat a smaller length to make the two smaller wings.
Join by pinching all four wings in the middle.

White with pearls (Bridal)

Coats Mercer 40
Purl stitch 1x1


Quilting cotton. One white ball. One blue ball. One shuttle with white.
Body edged in blue chain.
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