Cardiff 2005

Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts, CIA

A great display from our Welsh members who put in a lot of advance planning and tatting. They have a talent for producing tatting with impact, just what is needed for a big show. Also they come up with some great projects for group participation. We could all learn from them.
The picture at the back was inspired by the work of Helma Siepmann. It shows a tree as it passes through the four seasons of the year. Click here for a larger picture.
How many little butterflies in this one big butterfly?! An eye-catching feature that could be the inspiration for other projects involving everyone in your local tatting group, beginners and experts alike.
A veritable flower show of tatted flowers in pots! Thanks are due to Ursula Hubbard for this idea.

And a host of colourful pincushions decorated with simple tatted edgings. The initial inspiration came from the Japanese book "Tatting Lace", ISBN 4-277-26120-5. However, the technique for making them is familiar from bazaars - the pincushions are made from a coffee jar lid, fabric and stuffing, but these have tatting to make them special!

"The idea was to give a small one to anyone who showed particular interest at the show, and a large one to anyone who joined The Ring " said Jennifer Williams.

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