Cardiff, November 2007

Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts, CIA

The South Wales tatters in their different groups always come up with great original ideas for this Show. They are good at devising projects where everyone from beginners onwards can join in.

This year we have a Christmas tree decorated with shoes! What a wonderful idea! Members of the Isca Tatters from Caerleon each trimmed an ornamental shoe with tatting.

The eye-catching and fun Noah's Ark was another Caerleon project, started at Jean Johnston's tatting week in July this year. Jean had the initial idea, and then the Ark was designed by Jennifer Williams and tatted by members of the Isca Tatters.
As Jennifer explained:
"All who wanted to take part were given felt cut-outs of their chosen animal (two of each were required!) and were told to add tatting in which ever way they liked. The boards were covered with 'rain clouds' and 'grass' fabrics to give a background for the animals - and Mr and Mrs Noah of course."
Mary, Mary quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty maids all in a row.

This nursery rhyme was the theme for Lynne Webber's Cwmbran OCN tatting class. The picture will be remounted later when it is entered for the Poetry in Stitches Competition. The requirements are that you choose a poem and interpret it as a picture (2ftx2ft), using any textile technique. The pictures are then exhibited at public venues around the country. A great opportunity to publicise tatting!

Lynne's class is rather unusual in that it is accredited by the National Open College Network. This organisation provides qualifications in a wide range of subjects to a standard equivalent to NVQ and GCSE.

These hummingbirds are particularly striking as they are slightly 3-dimensional. They were tatted by Lynne Webber and Jan Brentnall with the flowers at the base worked by Jean Johnston. The exotic effect is enhanced by the batik fabric background, simple but effective. Details of the designers and the patterns can be obtained from Lynne.
Jean Johnston, our Membership Secretary, teaching someone to tat. Note she is wearing a special RoT apron decorated with our emblem! The apron is very practical as the big pocket holds all you need for demonstration work. We have beginner kits for sale at all the big shows. We also encourage would-be tatters with our Find a Teacher scheme - write down your details and we will follow up by finding someone near you, if possible, to give personal tuition.
To end on another spectacular seasonal note, we have the Christmas Picture designed and directed by Jennifer and worked by members of the Cardiff Picot group.
It sounds like they had a great time making it, as Jennifer recalls:
"There was a week long open house when members of the group came to tat, chat, laugh and drink a lot of tea or coffee. They came armed with shuttles, threads and packed lunches. While two people tatted holly someone else tatted coal, or snowflakes. While waiting for 'instructions' the little Christmas cards were produced. When all the tatting was done Dinah Craig and I spent a whole day assembling the picture."
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