Exeter Creative Stitches, September 2007



Beverley May proudly wearing her beautiful tatted top, and a pretty amulet purse.
The pattern for the waistcoat is called Kamizelka and was designed by Jan Stawasz, the famous Polish tatter. Jan displays his tatting at exhibitions and fairs all over Poland. See: www.frywolitka.slupsk.pl. His book "Tatting Theory and Patterns" is in English and can be obtained from Tatting & Design or from Roseground or via his website.
This purple pincushion has an applied design tatted in Node Stitch.
Jaquie Teal tatted this picture using motifs from
"Tatting Patterns" (Dover Needlework Series) by Julia Sanders.
Jaquie designed this bag, an interesting example of mixed media. She explains, "The centre design was tatted and the edge was stencilled, embroidered and quilted using inspiration from Indian printing blocks. The tatting pattern was enlarged from one in Anna magazine." The bag is shown on the front of the Lace Guild Calendar for 2008. More details at www.laceguild.demon.co.uk.
The patterns for the bridal crowns come from "Tatting Patterns and Designs" by Blomqvist and Persson.  
Where it all begins! Ruth Price, our Exhibition Co-ordinator, shows someone how to tat.
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