Glasgow, March 2007

RoT members ready to tell the world about tatting! Note the tatted ring and chain in the foreground - worked in thick string so that beginners can see clearly what a double stitch looks like.
Two young visitors learning how to tat. If you are interested, it is well worth visiting one of these big shows attended by the RoT . Then you can get a free taster lesson, or help with any tatting problems.
At the shows where they are demonstrating, the RoT now sells inexpensive kits with all you need to get started - Rosemarie Peel's "Learn Tatting", a shuttle and thread. So you can go home and carry on tatting!
Samples of members' tatting. This includes an interesting way of mounting motifs as a framed picture - an idea for tatters involved in the 25 Motif Challenge, or for anyone who has motifs they don't know what to do with.
Another day and another crew of volunteers. As you can see, our demonstrators are always very friendly and approachable.
So come and visit the Ring of Tatters at a show and get help or inspiration, or simply enjoy swapping tatting experiences.
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