Harrogate 2006

Demonstrators Elaine, Christine, Denise and Richard quietly tatting before the crowds arrive. Note Elaine's tatted waistcoat - imagine how many hours that must have taken!
The public have arrived and it's time to tell them all about tatting, and teach those who want to learn how. Here's a good idea - a board with Ring of Tatters and our logo, all tatted.
Another good idea, continuing with the board theme: individual tatters have pinned their work on to fabric-covered boards. These are quick and easy to put up at the show.

Some tatters prefer the beauty of traditional tatting, but many tatters nowadays like tatting creatures. They are great for making cards and pictures as subjects can be chosen to suit all interests.

And finally, two cute little owls! Interesting how a few drawn lines can make the tatting into a picture.
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