Lace Guild AGM
Worcester, April 2009

The Lace Guild invited the Ring of Tatters to put on a display at their annual event. We had an enjoyable day with the lacemakers, teaching some of them to tat in gaps between their AGM commitments. It was good to dip into their lace world and get ideas for tatting.
On the Saturday Barbara, our RoT Librarian (on the left) and I (Sally, Webeditor) set up the stand using tatting from the Malvern Tatters group. On the Sunday a different display was set up by Jennifer Williams and Ruth Price, but we don't have photos.
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Yes, this really is tatting! Jaquie Teal gave workshops on Freeform Needle-Tatting. It was very popular and people were able to learn to needle tat and produce results quickly. The crocheters amongst us are used to Freeform Crochet, but Freeform Tatting is something new! Needle rather than shuttle tatting lends itself to experimentation as you can use all sorts of thicker yarns and easily unravel it if you change your mind.

The displays organized by the Lace Guild ranged from exquisite antique lace to fun modern lace made by local groups.

They filled a small room with antique lace from their own collection, including a wedding gown with the veil entirely made of lace. The details below are from different pieces.

This pretty and nostalgic tea-table attracted a lot of attention. The cakes look very real but are constructed from calorie-free materials and decorated with lace. Likewise the chocolates with their lacy wrappers.
I wonder if any tatters have made anything similar for display?
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