Southern Tatters Day, May 2004

  Over 50 people came to Haywards Heath in Sussex for the Southern Tatters Annual Tatting Day. This year was a special occasion, their 10th anniversary, and they celebrated with a birthday cake.
There was an excellent response to the competition for a Fish or Sea Creature, and the entries were beautifully displayed in an aquarium!
Mary Wallace was the winner with her Lobster in a Shell.
A colourful display of butterflies from the Cuckfield Group
Ruth Baker gave a demonstration on making 3D Flowers. Then people got to work on tatting their own flowers using the packs provided. Sylvia McDavitt showed how to wire the flowers on to stems.
And here are some finished flowers. There are detailed instructions for making them in the Ring of Tatters Newsletter No. 47, Autumn 2003.  
There were lots of learners
eager to learn how to flip the knot.
All in all it sounds like a lovely day, and don't we all wish we had been there too!
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