Stourbridge September 2009

We always have a lovely day at Stourbridge, thanks to organiser Chris Woolley, now our RoT Treasurer. Chris has been organising tatting days at Stourbridge 3 times a year for many years now, so she has got it down to a fine art – you can tell because she has workshops and suppliers booked 2 years ahead! We usually have about 30 tatters attending, and they are of all levels from learner to expert.
The workshop this time was given by well-known tatting designer and author Iris Niebach from Italy. Note the tatting round the neck of her jumper. It was arranged thanks to Brenda Rewhorn who has many international contacts. Iris does exquisite work as you can see here, and on her website – check out her free patterns and books.
The subject of the workshop: a butterfly.
People were soon busily tatting:
In the photo on the right is our RoT Chairman Jennifer (centre), and Exhibitions Co-ordinator Ruth (right). In her role as Chairman Jennifer aims to meet as many tatters as possible, so she attends tatting days and shows all over the country.
Tatting for the Display Table:
The engine was designed by Jennifer to apply to a patchwork quilt block, but has been tatted here by Pat for one of her charity cards. The purse is for a rosary, designed with an all-ring pattern and beads by Yvonne.
This leafy picture was the brainchild of Betty – at Malvern Tatters we are copying the idea as a group project, using autumn colours.
Here we have Daphne's beautifully even doyley, and some typically dainty tatting from Japan, presents for Brenda on a visit there.
We have other items besides tatting, such as this bobbin lace made by David. Finally, some seasonal ornaments – great for a mobile or to hang on the Christmas tree.
Inspired by the day, people could go home with threads, shuttles etc from our supplier Mary Helen, and books from our mobile tatting library! When possible, Barbara brings a selection from the RoT library so that members can browse, and if they borrow, only need pay 1-way postage to return them.
Well done, Hilda! She completed these two beautiful butterflies after the workshop.
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