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Jennifer Williams

Simple Butterfly (© Jennifer Williams)

orange butterfly
pattern diagram for butterfly

This butterfly is a good way to use up the thread left on your shuttles. It needs about 1½ metres.


R.A: 10, p, 1, p, 1, p, 7, p, 3, cl.
R.B: 3, + to last picot on ring A, 4, p, 7, cl.
R.C: 7, p, 4, p, 3, cl.
R.D: 3, + to last picot on ring C, 7, p, 1, p, 1, p, 10, cl.

Cut ends about 3 inches (8cms) long.
To make the "head", fold rings A and B on top of rings D and C and knot the ends moving the knot up close to the rings.
Open the rings out and make knots in the threads for the antennae as in the picture and diagram.

Joining ring A to B, and ring C to D makes this version more stable than the more basic butterfly made of unjoined rings.

See here for Abbreviations.