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Contact Us

The postal address for membership applications is:

Please email the Membership Secretary

for her address.

Thank you

The address for all website-related email is:

The Team

Postal & emails addresses for members of the Team can be found at the back of every newsletter. Please try to use the most recent one for the most up-to-date details.
    • Chairman - Sue Duckles
    • Treasurer - Lynn Page
    • Secretary - Lesley Spence
    • Newsletter Editor - Michelle Thornton
    • Pattern Pages Editor - Helen Stammers
    • Website Editor - Sue Duckles
    • Membership and Distribution Secretary - Clare Tupman
    • Exhibition Coordinator - Please contact the Secretary or the Chairman
    • Register Holder - Lesley Spence

Support Team

  • RoT Bookmarks - Sandra Hughes
  • Librarian - Barbara Murdock

Please, members, send us any of the following:

  • Photos of tatting, tatting days, tatters at work etc, for the shows section
  • Photos of your local tatting group for the groups section
  • Photos of your work for the gallery
  • Patterns
  • The address of your website if it contains tatting material, for the links section
  • Ideas for other things to have on the Ring of Tatters website
  • Comments about the website

If you want to send us photos, you can do either of the following:

  • Send the prints by post - we will scan them and return them to you. Please email us for our postal address.
  • E-mail electronic images (from a scanner or digital camera) to us. However, if you want to do this, you should be aware that these images can sometimes be very large (several megabytes) and can take a long time to send. Its best to send them as .jpg or .gif files and to reduce their size to under about 40k bytes with a program like Paint Shop Pro before sending.
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