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Jennifer Williams Linda Davies
Rosemarie Peel Sue Hanson
Nina Libin Georgia Seitz Online Tatting Class


Tatting & Design
Jo Firth - Lacemaking & Needlecrafts
Makit Lace
Fiveways Arts & Crafts
Church Meadow Crafts
Claire's Lace

Other Tatting Websites

Bella On-line Ben Fikkert
Mark Myers (Tat-Man) Chris Parsons
THE Jane Austen The Shuttle Brothers
For links to lots more tatting sites, visit Mark Myers (Tat-Man) above

Tatting Blogs

25 Motif Challenge   “Challenge yourself to tat 25 motifs within the next year and show us your progress” says Sharon, and lots of people have done it!
Umi & Tsuru
Martha's Tatting Blog
Pigmini's Tatting

Tatting Forums

Intatters Forum

Ravelry has over 1 million members, and hundreds of groups, mainly for knitters and crocheters, but it does include some for tatters. Visit their website to become a member, then you can join or visit groups such as:

Australian Tatters

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